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Aluminum Extrusion: Essential Details You Need To Know

1. What Is Aluminum Extrusion? Aluminum extrusion is a process that includes pushing an aluminum metal material through a specific cross-sectional form cylinder (die). Aluminum extrusions look like an expanded component with about the same thickness as the aluminum die opening. Usually, this extrusion process involves turning an extrusion ingot into an uninterrupted piece of […]

Vacuum Casting: The Most Comprehensive Guidance

For everyone who wants to know the most economical and affordable means to build a prototype, vacuum casting is one of the best solutions. However, it is necessary to maintain the casting vacuum chamber for effective results. Over the years, custom vacuum casting service has come a long way and has been beneficial for businesses. […]

Rapid Prototyping – The Most Comprehensive Guidance

Fast fabrication of physical parts, assembly, or models is known as rapid prototyping. The process of rapid prototyping is assisted by the use of CAD (Computer-aided design). 3D printing is used for the completion of a model or assembly designed on CAD. If you’re into the design and architecture field, you probably are aware of […]

What is Sheet Metal and Sheet Metal Process?

What is sheet metal? With the development of the industry and the demand for modern rapid models, precision sheet metal fabrication services have been increasingly used to produce small batches of parts to facilitate the development and testing of new products. 1. Sheet metal definition Sheet metal is a comprehensive cold working process for metal […]

Injection Molding-The Most Comprehensive Guidance

What is injection molding? Injection molding definition–Injection molding service is the process of injecting plastic or metal materials that have been heated and melted into a molding die through an injection molding machine to make various shapes of plastic products and metal products. The advantages of custominjection molding service are: Fast production speed and high […]

What is CNC Machining and How CNC Machining Works?

What is CNC machining?—CNC machining definition The CNC machining refers to a process method that uses digital devices and information to control parts and cutters’ displacement to process parts on a CNC machine. It is an effective way to solve variable rapid prototyping components, small-batch parts, complex shape parts, and high CNC precision machining components […]